Aubrey - Unclear Visions Ep (FZN005D)

 The fifth release of our digital series is signed by veteran UK producer, Aubrey.
Delivering two classy tracks where he shows his vision of Techno always spiced with his characteristic acid sound.
The man on charge of the remix is no other than Edit Select. Making a complete rework on "Cinders", transforming it in a pure space trip.

Myles Serge “Aubrey does it again. Nice and FRESH vibes. Full Support!! ”
Takaaki Itoh “unclear visions and editselect rmx are for me.solid ep!”
Sasha Carassi “Solid!”
Orde Meikle “cool release thanx”
Snuffo “Loooove "Cinders" on this release! Great work!”
Reggy van Oers “Great! Thanks...will play!”
Zadig “Very nice release. All tracks are really good but i'm more into Edit Select's remix. Beautiful !!Thanks”
Alex Meshkov “rmx for me, thx!”
Mathias Woot “Unclear Visions !”
tommy four seven “Great!”
Samuli Kemppi “Good stuff! Will play. Thanks!”
Eric Cloutier “hot damn! proper aubrey badassness here, and that edit select remix is super nice. killer ep!!!!”
josh wink “Edit Select mix is eyes closed bliss. Nice. SO happy Aubrey is still making quality music!”
Miss Sunshine “Nice rework from Edit Select!”
Psyk “good stuff”
Filip Xavi “edit select remix is huge!”
Dimi Angelis “Edit Select Rmx!”
Marco Zenker “the remix is my favorite. thanks for the promo.”
Bas Mooy “Unclear visions for me! thanks”
Ashley Phase “Edit Select. Thanks.”
Pfirter “Thanks, will play edit select remix.”
Hannu Ikola “Fresh sounding tunes. Thanks for the music.”
stefan vincent “beautiful beautiful remix. 5/5”
Marcel Heese “aubrey always welcome. great release. thanks!”
electric rescue “edit select remix for me but like unclear visions too thanks”
Arnaud Le Texier “Unclear Visions & Cinders (Edit Select Remix). Thx”
Roberto “Edit Select remix is great thanks.”
Soolee “Thank you. Edit Select is for me but first track is also nice.”
W.I.R.E. “Nice, thanks”
Steve Parker “Lovely soundscapes by Edit !”
Deepbass “Cool release Edit Select in the bag”
2000 and One “Great EP!”
Peter Van Hoesen “ES remix for me, thanks.”
Robert S “Edit Select Remix for me. Thanks !”
Jonas Kopp “Unclear Visions .”
Advanced Human “Unclear Visions for me, thx”
Regal “nice thx!”
mark august “nice funk!”
Dave Tarrida “unclear visions is nice”
Joachim Spieth “edit select selected”
Donor “Really like the originals. Thanks.”
falling apart “perfect work here. thanks so much”
Exium “Good stuff, thanks.,”
Rich Jones “Aubrey genius as always with detroit inspired melodic layers, and general feel-good soulful techno vibes - rareas fuck done properly these days! Edit Select mix distills the melody down and makes a big room peaceful moment for a tougher set. So, both mixes of Cinder for me ;-)Cheers”
SNTS “Tony remix. Thanks”
Thomas Hessler “nice one! thank you!

Oscar Mulero “Cinders (Edit Select Remix). THX!”

Paul Mac “Liking all 3 here but Unclear Visions is the pick on first

listen. Always a pleasure to get new Music from Aubrey”

Audio Injection/Truncate “Dope record!”

Tim Xavier “Hooooooot hot hot hot!!”

Alan Fitzpatrick “massive! love this release! excited to play it!”