Hd Substance - Vco Ep (FZN001D)

The veteran spanish producer returns to Fanzine alter his succesful Marriot 808 ep. For this release he gives a twist to his sound, sharping the edges, rising the tempos and going into harder territories without loosing his analogue warmth and deepness.

Three original tracks plus a remix by Hoax Believers complete the pack. Spangler’s Spring is the first cut, 808 beats, sample and hold modular sequences, random arpeggiators and a live arrangement made without Computers: hardware sequencing.

Jasta 11 is the next number, Detroit style Grooves, thick chords and again analogue madness, classic flavour but with a modern approach, also no computerized.

On virtual B side thing go slow and deep with Peach Orchard, a mid pace warming up track, where synths and drum machines dialogue thru electricity. Completing the B side a loopy and dubby revision of Peach Orchard by the the mighty Hoax Believers