The Panic Room

The Panic Room

The Panic Room is featured in some hi profile houses and buildings, it is  the place where you hide when being attacked, a small isolated chamber with the basics you need to survive while you get help.

It can also be a place that you use not just in emergency cases but to isolate yourself from the rest of the world, to concentrate, to create to not be disturbed.

This Panic Room get a musical sense when you want to be apart from trendiness, to be apart from charts and from what everybody else does. A place to be unique and pure a place where good music is the only entrance ticket.

All the true origins of music are documented in the survival kit in this room from Funk to Soul  from disco to house from Techno to Ambient.

The Panic Room is mobile, you can install it on your dj booth and enjoy the pleasure of having a selector out of the ordinary. Selection, technique and background.